This is What Spartan Air Duct Cleaning Does:

1. A trained technician will attach a high powered vacuum system to your air duct system. This creates a vacuum in your ducting, and pulls the collected debris to our outdoor collector.

2. Going to each vent, we will use one of our state of the art compressed air duct cleaning tools to remove debris from the branch duct work. Each of these tools uses compressed air, and pushes the debris to our vacuum system located outdoors. We select the tools based on your type of ducting.

3. After all of the vents are blown down, we move on to the main duct run. We select the correct compressed air tool, and again, push the debris to our outdoor vacuum system. To loosen debris attached to the interior of the duct work, we use a special tool that whips "tentacles" inside ductwork. We found that this is more effective than the brush system that had been used in the past.

4. Heating/air conditioning cabinetry—this is opened, and we clean the blower compartment, plenum, coil and return air side of the system. We then sanitize this entire area.


5. Sanitizing—while your ducting system is still under vacuum pressure, we will mist an EPA registered sanitizer into the duct work. This is an unscented sanitizer, and is the same type used in hospitals throughout the country. By using this, we help eliminate mold and bacteria.

6. High efficiency furnace filter (optional)—our technicians can install a newly developed, high efficiency, cleanable filter that is rated at 95% dust arrestance at .5 microns and above. A standard disposable filter is rated at 20% arrestance. This is an excellent way to trap dust as it enters your system. Ask our technician for a free brochure and to show you a sample filter.




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